Tuco Benedicto Pacífico Juan María Ramírez (en_ki) wrote,
Tuco Benedicto Pacífico Juan María Ramírez


8 AM: not hungry, have a few sunflower seeds instead of proper breakfast. I like hungry days every so often: somewhat perversely, I get a burst of energy.
11 AM: really hungry, so get light lunch at Clover.
4 PM: hungry again, pissy about not having had enough time away from my desk, go for a walk. Consider getting a slice of pizza. Get agitated at the thought of bad food habits and decide firmly not to eat until I get home, where there is a big fat heirloom tomato waiting for me.
5:45 PM: home. Had a few sunflower seeds; have the running bug and don't want real food yet.
6 PM: out for a run. Objective (highly unrealistic): run to Concord Scout House, contra dance, take train home. Objective (possibly within reach): run to Lexington Center, take bus home. Objective (definitely going to happen): run until I wimp out (at least Arlington Center), take bus home.
6:05 PM: pass Alewife Brook Parkway. All is normal. Retroactively note this for later.
6:15 PM: crap, my lungs and kidneys hurt and the air is all hazy. Alternate walking/running.
7:40 PM: arrive Lexington Green, visit the Minuteman, and turn around. Been just walking since Arlington Great Meadows because of leg cramps. Get drink & snack at CVS, walk half a mile toward home, catch 62.
8:00 PM: get out at Arlington Center, see no 77, start walking. Passed by 77 and Out Of Service, then picked up at Arlington High.
8:35 PM: pass Alewife Brook Parkway on the 77. Traffic is redirected, cops and construction vehicles are everywhere, and the street is all torn up. WTF? (I am still WTF on this: nothing found on the tubes.)
8:40 PM: buy an 8-pack of Guinness on the way home.
8:45 PM: drink Guinness, take a bath.
9:30 PM: the tomato. How sweet it is.

The total foot travel was about 8.5 miles. I would figure I ran half the time between home and Lexington Center, so about 3.5 miles there, consistent with my previous best effort.

Anybody know what happened at Mass Ave & Alewife Brook Parkway last night between 6 and 8:30? The scale of it was like there was a water main break or big manhole fire or something, but there was no sign of fire or water. The street was normal when I got there the first time but was depaved and covered in metal plates by the time I got there the second time.

Anyway, I've got a great idea for a party:

1. go to farmer's market
3. go home
5. go to sleep

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