Tuco Benedicto Pacífico Juan María Ramírez (en_ki) wrote,
Tuco Benedicto Pacífico Juan María Ramírez

modes of transportation

Arlington Center and back last night, 3.6 mi. Biked to Davis with maru_mari this morning to meet our hiking buddy, had him take the fixie and ran back (.5 mi). Got on recumbent and we all biked with the dog 4 mi to the Fells via Ball Square, hiked in the Fells until the dog was tired, biked back, made the dog lie down and lick her paws for a while, rode to Jose's (very tasty Mexican by Danehy Park), rode home, napped. Walked to the 77 to Porter to the Red Line to Central to pick up a couple of books at Pandemonium, Red Line back to groceries & 77 back home.

On the Fells trip:

- Approaching the 38/60 rotary, found a little snarl of traffic; just as we reached the rotary a fellow on a creamy blond ("palomino"?) horse ran by with another close behind him. Hm, one of those guys is wearing red. Oh! It's Patriots' Day! So I guess I saw Paul Revere.

- Explored a sizeable secluded area that is not obviously A Park.

- Got some dog videos.

- Found a pole with a mysterious octagonal device on top (marked with a north-pointing arrow, about 2.5' across) and a shelf just out of reach with what appears to be a logbook. It looks like it could be a sound recorder or any number of other random things.

- maru_mari acquired several Japanese maple seedlings that will, if they survive, live on the decks for a while.

All in all a reasonably full day. And at the end, a comic.

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