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In case you're wondering why cyclists might be a tad aggressive and irritable from time to time, a major contributing factor is that police do not enforce the law when the victim is a cyclist.

- San Francisco police, presented with a license plate photo and two witnesses to felony hit-and-run by a driver against a cyclist, are completely disinterested.

- If I ride from home to work, a distance of about 4 miles, I will witness 10-20 traffic violations by motorists and 5-10 by cyclists.

The violations by motorists that I witness are generally failure to signal, right of way violations, or throwing their door open into the bike lane without looking. These frequently result in near-accidents, and accident statistics show that most on-road bike accidents happen as a result of these types of violations. I have never seen a motorist pulled over for any of these violations, but I have seen dozens of cyclists pulled over in a series of red-light traps that Cambridge has been running.

- maru_mari's bike was stolen from Davis Square last night. This involved a group of people hanging around for at least several minutes sawing away at her cable lock in plain sight in a high-traffic area. A witness called the local police. The local police made a note and forwarded the call to the transit police, who did not respond.

(For those not familiar with the area: Davis Square is a principal business district of Somerville and I doubt there are ever not 2-3 cops within a couple of blocks.)

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