Tuco Benedicto Pacífico Juan María Ramírez (en_ki) wrote,
Tuco Benedicto Pacífico Juan María Ramírez

A couple weeks ago, wolfy came over and helped me get the starter motor out of my motorcycle by means of the judicious application of heat to a crappy bolt that had become one with the engine block. (Yay wolfy!) Then I took apart the starter last week (with some disentangling/reentangling help from maru_mari), checked out all the bits, shook out some carbon, and put it back together. It seemed like it was fine.

I had taken it out because the bike wouldn't start. I had ruled out the starter relay because I could hear it clicking, and the battery because there was >12V across the terminals and the lights were decently bright and dimmed only the usual amount when I tried to start; the starter acted like it was making a quarter-turn and then dying, which *so* sounded like it would be a worn brush or some such.

So, as a last bit of due diligence before hopping around in childish wrath for a while, I took the battery out and charged it overnight on my desk, put it back in, and now the bike starts up just fine, and I'm kicking myself for not doing this first. Lesson learned: the battery isn't charged until the battery charger says it's charged.

Anyway, there are now some very attractive stainless-steel bolts here and there where there used to be semi-stripped corroded mild-steel ones. Seriously, you have no idea how pretty these things are. And if the bike doesn't start when I try to go home, I'll cry, because (0) I will have to either push-start the bike by myself on a flat or T it home with the battery and leave the bike overnight, and (a) there's something slowly draining my battery and it's going to be a bitch to track down or (b) my battery is not charging, which means a whole saga with the alternator stuff or (c) my battery is fucky, and all of these options involve either a lot of time spent not-riding or some random amount of money going to a mechanic rather than my debts.

Alternator failure seems unlikely since it ran fine for half an hour after I push-started it, no?.

At this moment, are you street-legal?


Update: made it all the way home with no push-starting, so the battery isn't discharging itself terribly while the bike's parked. Wondering now if it's all these short trips decreasing the ratio of starting-juice-consumption to running-and-charging. Anyone game for a multi-hour trip before winter sets in for real? It would be nice to go for a long ride to make sure everything stays running, but it would be even nicer to do it with someone who can give me a jump if it doesn't.

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