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So, I was excited about the Droid. Then I saw that there was such a thing as a Droid Eris, and I felt that I had no choice but to buy it. $99 with a 2 year contract? Very reasonable.

Then I got to the "pick a plan" screen.

You people—by which I mean, people who buy smartphones—you people, you are insane.

Words cannot express how stupid any of these ideas is:

- paying $20/month for unlimited texts OR
- paying $0.20/text

- paying $80/month for 450 minutes of airtime OR
- paying $250/month for unlimited airtime OR
- paying $2/MB. That's per MEGAbyte. Mega, not giga. I could FedEx you floppies for less money. WHAT DECADE IS THIS?

In other words, a usable plan costs between $100 and $270 PER MONTH, and you commit to two years of this at a time. And if you ever go outside the US, well, we won't talk about international roaming, because no matter which plan you pick, it will be cheaper to just BUY A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PHONE TO USE WHILE YOU'RE ON VACATION.

What. The. Fuck?

Millions of people look at the same screen I looked at and don't hesitate. I have a really hard time fathoming their motivation. Things you could get for a year of Droid:

- a nice kayak
- a sweet road bike
- a respectable gaming laptop
- a prosumer DSLR with a couple of good lenses
- a beater of a car
- a quite serviceable used motorcycle
- a month in Europe
- 3 ounces of really good weed (or so I hear)
- a hell of a night out

Is being able to browse the web without having to step into a coffee shop really worth more than your favorite one of the above, per year?
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