Tuco Benedicto Pacífico Juan María Ramírez (en_ki) wrote,
Tuco Benedicto Pacífico Juan María Ramírez

House Night = sushi night forever

Need to work on my maki technique. Getting to eat the results is a good incentive to practice.

Things that are now verified to be good in maki:

asparagus (we knew that)
(by the meat-eaters) raw tuna (they knew that)
brie + roasted garlic
brie + pesto + tomatoes + cucumbers

The rice needs to be in perfect shape. GBR fresh out of the rice cooker would have been ideal; my GBR that I cooked yesterday and reheated today was less so, and the stuff I whipped up in a hurry with not enough water (because it was drier than GBR to start with) was not so great either.

I need to find out what Snappy Sushi wraps their portabella roll in. It's like a yellow veggie tortilla, but super-thin.

Need wasabi root.

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