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Spent 24 hours or so in a car this weekend. Walked around DC and saw a bunch of canonical sights I hadn't seen, but had transportation FAIL on the National Cryptological Museum (hint: Google Maps will happily give you directions that involve crossing barbed wire guarded by men with guns) and got distracted from the Renwick by a protest and some awesome light on the monuments.

We connected with anniemal and syntonic_comma for good Ethiopian dinner with terrible service, and with vvalkyri for good American brunch with moderately poor service.

In other news, next game night is this Thursday, with three or four new heads from K's crowd expected (I believe they will be in the popular-board-game faction). I will probably not get home until everyone has left, having a prior commitment to a transhumanist death cult / suicide pact. The one after that will probably be Pearl Harbor Day, and it would be sweet if we could get all the Settlers fans together (there are more than I thought; they were just shy last Sunday) and run a game or two.

circuit_four mentions Dominion, which sounds fun enough that I may try to suck the strategy faction into it once we've had our Settlers fix.

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