Tuco Benedicto Pacífico Juan María Ramírez (en_ki) wrote,
Tuco Benedicto Pacífico Juan María Ramírez

There Will Be Games (Revised)

Attention, humans! There is a thing.

But wait! It is a different thing now. For lo, our guest of honor forgot her boyfriend's birthday; and so it shall be (this having been discussed with everyone we heard back from)

When: this Sunday, November 9th, 6ish to late
Where: 80 Orchard St #2 02155
Who: oonh, maru_mari, en_ki, our LJ-less new housemate, McKenna, and various friends
Who else: you, any minimally-lame sapients you may know
Why: (1) New housemate! Meet and greet! (2) Need game fix!

Food will be in the form of snackable items, reasonably nutritionally complete. Early arrivals may be shanghaied.

We will be equipped for chess, go, cards in general and poker in particular, Scrabble, Fluxx, Robo Rally, and sumo wrestling.

Bring what you like. If anybody has Settlers and/or something awesome I've never heard of, you're specifically encouraged. I offer bribes of garlic, chocolate, single-malt scotch, exotic bitters, and fried dough. Snorting confectioner's sugar off the asses of underage cupcakes is discouraged and will probably hurt a lot, but is not actually forbidden.

Maximal predictive information appreciated.
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