Tuco Benedicto Pacífico Juan María Ramírez (en_ki) wrote,
Tuco Benedicto Pacífico Juan María Ramírez

On middlemen

I feel extremely cheated. This is my first time (that I recall) dealing with Ticketmaster. They are the purest leeches of middlemen, and I can't begin to fathom why venues do business with them.

3 Magnetic Fields tickets @ $27
+ 3 "convenience charges" of $8
+ $4.30 transaction charge

= $109 for $81 worth of tickets.

Since when is merely distributing the tickets worth 1/3 as much as everything else combined:

* hosting the concert
* getting the band there
* actually playing the goddamn show


To add insult to injury, they offer a "free iTunes digital sampler" of 10 unspecified songs on the order confirmation page—but iTunes reports the gift code they supplied "has already been used".

What fradulent worthless fuckfaces.

This is a band I have never seen in person, having missed the last show in Boston to fly out to New Mexico after my grandmother's death; and maru_mari and idonotlikepeas also surely have their heart set on seeing them. In any other circumstance I would not have gone through with the purchase. I certainly do not expect to take in any concerts at the Somerville Theatre until there is a better option for getting the tickets.

It's a shame; I like the place, I wish them the best, and I plan to keep watching movies there, but only because I can buy tickets for face fucking value. This seems like such a basic thing, yet I am bewildered by it. Clearly I am getting old.

1Especially considering that I went by the box office in person, only to find out that I could not buy tickets there until the day of the show, 15 February.

Unless Ticketmaster was lying, the show sold out about 10 seconds after I bought those tickets: we're sitting one row from the back, and because I put off for two hours buying the tickets online in the expectation of getting them at the box office on the way home and avoiding the abovementioned screwing, we're 5 rows farther back than we would otherwise have been.

So there's no chance of buying the tickets without Ticketmaster's monopoly, unless we want to deal with their favorite business parters, the scalpers. (St*bh*b anyone?)

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