Tuco Benedicto Pacífico Juan María Ramírez (en_ki) wrote,
Tuco Benedicto Pacífico Juan María Ramírez

When in Georgia, bring a tent

In Atlanta. Doing training for work 9-5 M & T, returning W morning. Free evenings. Suggestions? Relatively low budget.

To my shock and pleasure, Atlanta has rapid transit similar to BART or the DC Metro. It cost $1.75 to get from the airport to my hotel on completely the other side of town.

Liquidity crisis: I had a huge credit card bill from my period of unemployment (huge enough that that card doesn't work anymore, and I cut it up anyway), and I was finally able to throw a big chunk of money it this month, this being a 3-pay-period month. Unfortunately, Some Unknown Expense1 caused my checking balance to go negative, which means I have no functioning credit-card-like device.

It turns out that, if you are in Atlanta and do not have a credit card, you sleep on the street: amounts of cash that are sane to carry do not solve this problem. So I guess I need to:

  • get a damn credit card
  • change my bank
  • if it was U-Haul, never deal with U-Haul ever again.

(but I knew that). Anyway, I got in touch with a co-worker who is attending the same training and he provided the magic "you can sleep indoors"-fu. I will have to spend my entire cash reserve on buying him drinks, I think, supposing he drinks.

1(unknown because my fucking bank doesn't answer their fucking phone on fucking weekends; only plausible guess is that U-Haul decided to bill me an absurd amount for damages from a rental a week ago, in which I may have done as much as $20 worth of damage to a side lamp; but they didn't call or write to me)


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