November 29th, 2010


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Oh yeah! I vaguely approximated local math blogger Mark Chu-Carroll's cranberry chutney recipe for Thanksgiving, and it seems to have been a hit: I made a quart of it, and despite the availability of plenty normal cranberry sauce, a variety of food alternatives, and the traditional pie contest being saved room for, it was gone by the end of dinner. If you like that sort of thing, it's worth a try.

Things I did differently (mainly due to rushing around in the morning with the grocery stores closed):

- scaled up by a third to use 2x 8 oz of organic cranberries instead of 1x 12oz regular, which meant a lot of eyeballing ninths in measuring cups marked in quarters
- balsamic vinegar + a little white vinegar in place of red wine vinegar
- Fuji apple instead of Granny Smith
- splash of lemon juice instead of lemon peel
- dried NM green chile instead of Serrano

so it probably came out less tangy and maybe less hot than it was supposed to; certainly I would have enjoyed it hotter. Cardamom came across as the strongest note after cranberries and sweetness; I may ramp up the other spices next time so it's more balanced.