October 2nd, 2010


Shear madness

For philosophical and zombie-apocalypse-preparedness reasons, one ought to understand one's essential tools well enough to fix them. Consequently, the Miss and I have undertaken to change the timing belt on our car, and while we're in there also change the water pump and thermostat and the serpentine and power steering belts.

What is supposed to happen goes like this. Now, I'm not a seasoned mechanic or anything, but a Certain Incident a few years back1 and some electrical work on my motorcycle have served to set firmly in my mind the idea that vehicle manufacturers and mechanics are lazy cheap bastards.

If you skim over the instructions, you will find that they actually seem like a pretty reasonable undertaking: take this off, take that off, etc., until you're at the bottom, then put this on, put that on, etc. until the car is back together. If you're enough of a nerd to have put together your own computer at some point, this basically seems like that except with more tools, more physical effort, and more fluids; and despite prior experience, that is more or less the attitude with which I went into this.

Looking over the instructions, I figured we could do it in 4 hours if we had enough hands and did everything right and encountered no trouble. So 8 hours in the real world, right?

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Moral: friends don't let friends abuse threaded fasteners.

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