September 30th, 2010


The geography! It burns!

EDIT: I'll just leave this here

So I picked up Charles Stross' The Family Trade recently. It's pleasant alternate-universe fantasy / kinda-hard-boiled-ish whatever.

But it's set in my neighborhood. *wince*

Tell me, Charlie: where exactly is this office complex that's "in Cambridge off Somerville Ave"? ><

(For the record: the entire length of Somerville Ave is in Somerville except the very tip, in Porter Square, which is a better-known place than Somerville Ave, and virtually everything there is also off Mass Ave, which is also a better-known place than Somerville Ave. The nearest other business district to Somerville Ave that is in Cambridge is off Cambridge St. Everywhere that is "in Cambridge off Somerville Ave" other than right in Porter is closer to some other major street that is at least as well known.

My best guess is that he means a place in Somerville but called it Cambridge; you can get away with calling Cambridge and Somerville Boston in my book, but not Somerville Cambridge.)

And how exactly do you get from Belmont to the airport by taking "the Cambridge turnpike [route 2?] to I-95 to the tunnel"? Get out a map and tell me how that works.

I'm sorry. I know this is a mental illness. The spatial relations and names of places are important to me. He only does it every few chapters, so I've managed to keep going, but *grind*