April 29th, 2010


the glowing god that hangs on that wall and that we all must obey

The Wii has Netflix now. This is clearly way saner than plugging a laptop into the TV every time we want to watch something.

Watched The Constant Gardener last night while building a wheel wrong. Not what I was planning on. It turned out to be more of a huge downer than anticipated; given Le Carré, I was hoping for more spy stuff. (I hadn't read that book, though.) Am saving Lust, Caution for when more people are around.

Watched this new1 show Arrested Development while rebuilding the wheel right. People have been really strongly recommending it to me, but it just feels like another Malcolm in the Middle: narrator surrounded by idiots, whatever. And 20-minute stories no longer seem to do it for me.

1new, adj.: recently made available for instant viewing online without commercials, whether via Netflix or otherwise