March 8th, 2010



Am still half deaf in my left ear. This appears to be accumulated crud in my middle ear from last week's satanic cold, not any kind of persistent infection. Am taking measures, at a measured pace. Food & sex drives returned this weekend, which is a reassuring sign.

Went by my parents' house Saturday night to pick up Sakura, which you will recall is a device for burning the remains of ancient zooplankton in order to induce a change in momentum. Said device needed a jump start, which provoked me to spend my brief riding time on Sunday mostly on getting a new battery. I did find time to act the fool a little bit, though, which was refreshing.

With some provocation, maru_mari has gotten into Warcraft. None of this "wow" nonsense the kids are into these days: proper Warcraft II, RTS with no heroes. There's a Russian warez site with a customized version for the connoisseur, War2Combat; if anyone would like to get a little old-school fun in, let us know. We'll be scheduling a bit of a LAN party in the next week or so, I expect.