February 19th, 2010



If you're in downtown Boston, can't find a legal parking space, and need to just roll the dice on a ticket rather than miss whatever appointment you're trying to make, just double park: that's a $30 fine. If you can't find a convenient spot to double-park, just park on the sidewalk: that's a $65 fine. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES resort to parking in a parking space you're not supposed to park in: that's good for $100.

reference: http://www.boston.com/news/local/breaking_news/2008/07/boston_parking.html

In unrelated "I am an idiot" news, I thought until just now that Joseph Campbell, the Hero's Journey guy was also the famous editor of Astounding, whose name was actually John Campbell. This Jo Walton article on the Tor.com blog set me straight (in a parenthetical aside) and I'm feeling severely HUR DUR.

Other ways in which I have recently discovered I am dumb: I only just figured out that my loaner MacBook's touchpad and my Magic Mouse each have a right-click region as opposed to just randomly doing right-click when I don't want them to. Apple-hatred diminished 10%, HUR DUR doubled.