February 11th, 2010


(no subject)

[42] Speaking of awesome Google features, some dude sent a dick pic to a GMail alias I rarely use (no, I've never used it to solicit dick pics). Supposing hypothetically that I wanted to look at the email headers to figure out where it's from and not get a face full of dick, is there an official GMail "goddammit don't load images" switch? It's an actual honest-to-Postel 1990s-style attachment, so the traditional "hide external images" thingy that I do doesn't help at all.

(N.B. I have a number of practical solutions to this. I'm mostly just communicating my bewilderment that Google doesn't seem to have a "don't show me inline image attachments" button and inviting people to tell me that actually it does, I'm just dumb.)