January 10th, 2010



Awesome night last night. Many thanks to y'all for making it happen.

As with the housewarming, there were 4 or so different social circles overlapping and mixing happily and effortlessly, which is a huge pleasure for a couple of (at least semi-)introverts throwing a party.

Also, I made ice cream! If you've never made ice cream before, you may think of this as a daunting and mysterious process: I had heard rumors that you have to get an ice cream machine, throw in a bunch of ice and (for some reason) rock salt, and then churn it endlessly with the crank and oh it's just not worth it at all. It turns out that:

- no special equipment is required
- it's really easy and takes only a small amount of attention once you grok it
- the results are great and totally worth it

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If you've only had store-bought ice cream, the intensity of flavors you get from having thrown a raw fresh(ly frozen) ingredient in instead of whatever it is one does in a large-scale ice cream factory is pretty mindblowing. I loved loved loved the results and think everyone should do this.