January 3rd, 2010


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WTF is with the ever-increasing minimum username length limits on web services? For the record:

I would like my initials, please, if they are available. This is my username everywhere I have root and many places I don't. It is 3 letters long. It is the only username I have identified with for about 12 years. The only reason I don't have to type it 100 times a day any more is that most of the tools I use automatically fill in the username.

Since there are a couple other dudes with the same idea, I have a username that is not my initials and is, in fact, almost never used by anyone else. I used this for Twitter, because about the time Twitter came out, most places started wanting you to use a four-letter username. Since then I've used it a bunch of times, and I have the US domains for it, too, and, after a couple of years, I've even started to identify with it a little bit. A little bit.

And hey, there are now Twitter-derived services like whatsitsname the twitpodcast thing and mtile the whosywhatsit, and they require a five-letter username.

I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE. Seriously, whatever dick has decided that it's good policy to keep me from taking my username of choice: I hope a candiru lodges in your urethra.
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