December 4th, 2009


(no subject)

I just got a robocall for Martha Coakley on my cell phone (via my Google Voice number, which is in a Cambridge exchange delegated to Level3 Internet Services). Way to go, Martha!

(Ms. Coakley is the Massachusetts Attorney General. She is running for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat in the special election on Tuesday. Her credible opponent is my Congressman, Michael Capuano, and there are a handful of komedy kandidates.)

For the record, the reasons I am voting for Capuano instead of you:

(1) You were a DA and are now attorney general. Your job has been to argue on behalf of the state and to put people in jail. I guess we need people to do that, but I don't think the traits that make you want to do that make you a good person to represent me in the Senate.

(2) Capuano has extensive legislative experience, most of it on my side, and you have nil.

(3) You robo-called my cell phone.

Go away, Martha!

Now trying to figure out if I can get a Capuano yard sign mounted on my motorcycle.