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November 30th, 2009

Much suffering, tentatively relievedCollapse )

At this moment, are you street-legal?


Update: made it all the way home with no push-starting, so the battery isn't discharging itself terribly while the bike's parked. Wondering now if it's all these short trips decreasing the ratio of starting-juice-consumption to running-and-charging. Anyone game for a multi-hour trip before winter sets in for real? It would be nice to go for a long ride to make sure everything stays running, but it would be even nicer to do it with someone who can give me a jump if it doesn't.
I usually like Reddit, but the evil racist and classist shit popping up all over this thread is nothing short of appalling, and makes me ashamed to be human. (At least people are disputing and downvoting those comments. But damn.)