October 7th, 2009


Sysadmin friends!

This is a spectacular one-time offer you just won't be able to pass up.

I support an awful Piece of Software that I hate. People are pissed off at me because I haven't been making it do its job passably; I haven't because, every time I go to look at this software, my consciousness slides off it like a duck off a sheet of duck-lubricating material and I go do something else useful, or useless—as long as it's not this one thing, because OH how I do hate it, yes I do. There is a serious SEP field around this thing, but it is, in fact, not SEP: it is, in fact, My Problem™.

I suspect you have a problem just like this and know exactly what I mean.

I will be able to totally kick this problem's ass if someone else who can grasp the issues but completely lacks the emotional involvement to create the SEP field (hence: does not work here and is in no way at risk of having to support this Piece of Software) is there paying half-hearted attention and commiserating while I work on it and drink beer and bitch about it. You probably don't have to actually think about the problem, even.

If you will be this person for me, I will (a) provide the beer and (b) do the same for you, either in advance or at some Unspecified Later Date, cross my heart and stick me with an etherkiller. I promise it won't take more than an hour or ten spread over one or eight weeks.