May 27th, 2009


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So, yeah. Religion.

I went looking this morning for Hooke's Micrographia. (Done right, it would make a great gift book, being both a classic and full of rather striking drawings. Sadly, there seem only to be paperbacks with rather weak illustrations.)

Check out the Amazon page for it. The tags are:

religion(402) science(291) atheist(206) evolution(194) god(168) christianity(109) richard dawkins(96) biography(92) history(90) immunization(20)

and the "Active Discussions In Related Forums" are

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In other words, useful information (e.g., tagging Hooke's work with "microscope") is almost completely drowned out by the fight between pro-science atheists and anti-science religious people.

Set aside the Columbia School of Journalism "two sides to every story" bullshit and admit one thing: creationists are 100% wrong, and are 100% to blame for this fight. There's nobody has to go out and push the theory of evolution: it is a fact, it is the foundation of biological science, and the layers upon layers of research it makes possible has savedbillions of human lives by improving crop yields and curing diseases. The fight exists because of the people who, for reasons that have nothing to do with observing reality and everything to do with their adherence to doctrine, claim otherwise.

Now, it's theoretically possible to be both pro-science and religious. I have met people who claim to believe both (a) in the tenets of religion and (b) that science is more informative than religion about the nature of things and the causes of events in the physical world; and indeed, even the President of the United States makes such a claim.

But where are these people, exactly, in this fight? It's really kind of odd that one of the sides is pro-science atheists, specifically. I don't see, say, mainstream Christians getting into it with the Creationists over this; if they get into it at all, they're standing on the sidelines telling everybody to chill, and that this level of anger isn't productive.

Get off the goddamn fence. The longer you sit there, the more you look like the other side.