January 5th, 2009


Dear Lazyweb,

There are a bunch of blogs I want to read, but I don't want to read them every day, but if I don't, I fall behind and some stuff drops off the end. Rather than letting that happen, I want them to appear in a big list with nothing getting lost so I can read more stuff when I have more time and less stuff when I have less time.

Is there a thing that will take my RSS feeds, poll them daily or more frequently, and stuff the links into del.icio.us with a tag for the feed and a tag that says "new"? It seems easy enough to just do it, but I'd just as soon use an existing tool.


(no subject)

Al Franken finally took Minnesota.

I'm glad the Republicans have one less guy, but if you proposed to me today that all elections decided by 5% or less be invalidated and re-run, I would not object even if you wanted to start with this one. It's toxic to democracy when who's in charge comes down less to who the people wanted and more to the weather, or whose people got the flu that day, or whose people have better aim with a pen, or which way the election judges leaned, or who was on top when the lawsuit stopped the recount. At least if the election is re-done, new information available to the voters will be incorporated into the election result.

In other news: ever so glad I'm not British. (via Mark Bennett) It's "nice" to see another country going to shit in a way we aren't currently doing worse at.