December 2nd, 2008


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Wow. On the second try, I got germinated brown rice right, and it's excellent. The texture is closest to good sushi rice, distinctly chewy. The taste is like good brown rice, but distinctly umami-er.


(1) Brew strong green tea. You won't be drinking it, so go ahead and oversteep it. This inhibits fermentation.

(2) Let the tea cool down below 100 degF. (This is how I got the first attempt wrong. Boiling tea, uh, somehow seems to hinder germination.)

(3) Put the tea and some brown rice in some reasonable vessel and keep it between 80 and 100 degF (I used 95) for around 16 hours (I used the mini-fridge I got when I was a feckless yuppie).

(4) Pour off the water, rinse the rice until it doesn't smell like oversteeped green tea at all. I filled and emptied the pot I had steeped it in 3 times.

(5) Cook at as you normally would (I cooked it in the rice cooker, ate a handful straight out of there which I quite enjoyed, and have been making fried rice with the rest), or allegedly you can eat it raw now (I didn't).

Failure to germinate just results in perfectly edible brown rice. Letting it ferment apparently stinks, though perhaps us beer fiends won't mind. The green-tea version definitely does not stink; I tasted nothing but rice, no noticeable tea residue at all.

Supposedly germination converts the starch into some more amino acids than you would otherwise get, including GABA.

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House Night = sushi night forever

Need to work on my maki technique. Getting to eat the results is a good incentive to practice.

Things that are now verified to be good in maki:

asparagus (we knew that)
(by the meat-eaters) raw tuna (they knew that)
brie + roasted garlic
brie + pesto + tomatoes + cucumbers

The rice needs to be in perfect shape. GBR fresh out of the rice cooker would have been ideal; my GBR that I cooked yesterday and reheated today was less so, and the stuff I whipped up in a hurry with not enough water (because it was drier than GBR to start with) was not so great either.

I need to find out what Snappy Sushi wraps their portabella roll in. It's like a yellow veggie tortilla, but super-thin.

Need wasabi root.