November 12th, 2008



maru_mari, new-roomie K, a random school friend of theirs, and I will be heading down to Columbia, MD on Friday night. We'll be staying at K's ancestral abode on Friday & Saturday nights; they'll be driving to Chantilly for a snake show on Saturday.

I will be touristing it up via mass transit & a bike, probably maru_mari's folder. Any suggestions for things to do or see are welcome. I expect we will be doing sociable dinner on Saturday & brunch on Sunday, and we'd enjoy meeting up with any of y'all in the area.

According to the internets, Columbia is a suburb of Baltimore. My current rough plan is to bike ~10 mi from Columbia along Hwy 175 to the National Cryptologic Museum in Ft. Meade, arriving around 10 AM (when they open). When I've had my fill of crypto, I'll bike ~9 mi to BWI or ~15 mi to Greenbelt (since MARC doesn't run on weekends, bah) and catch local rail into Baltimore or DC.