November 11th, 2008


(no subject)

Just biked from Boston to Providence, via Dedham and Wrentham, on my fixie. I need a higher gear and a better saddle if I'm going to do more touring on this thing.

It's amazing how people turn into assholes as soon as you cross the RI border. Same thing happens north of the Mystic. People in Lowell and Providence seem to be cool, though, so maybe it's just a near-suburb thing.

Cumberland is huge and Central Falls is tiny. I came in via Pawtucket and Hope St, right past 42itous's old street (though I forget which one it is). No sushi, though; apparently Ran Zan takes Armistice Day seriously.

As a bonus, I now know how to find Foxborough Stadium (or the Vagisil Center or whatever it's called this month).

Having had my ration of self-indulgence on Thayer Street, riding the train back now. There are internets on it. That's kind of cool, I guess, for 1999. Maybe the world will stop being on hold next year.