November 9th, 2008



The classic equation is

4 couples = 4 Trivial Pursuit teams = 0 finishers and 4 divorces

but nobody seems to have broken up tonight. I attribute this to:

* Mulled wine. I buy 3-buck Chuck Shiraz by the case as general-purpose wine (table/cooking/whatever). The last case was astringent to the point of being undrinkable with anything short of a stinging quantity of garlic. Mixed as follows, it was nevertheless damn good: Collapse )

* potato-leek soup:

Collapse )

with the above, do what comes naturally. When mashable, mash somewhat.

Secret pesto/garlic/green-chili/soy-chorizo pasta recipe not to be disclosed. (Damn! Well, at least they don't know about the olive oil. Damn!)

Pleased to have y'all.