August 29th, 2008


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Went to the Union Sq acceptance-speech party. It's funny that maru_mari is getting into politics at about the same time I'm getting seriously disillusioned with it.

Obama is a damn good speechifier, and Al Gore makes a fine attack dog; but we have one party that is genuinely evil and one that is passively complicit, and they didn't substantively change that.

The Republican Party stands wholeheartedly behind the President when he claims the right to spy on anyone, to imprison anyone forever without trial, and to torture and kill those prisoners whenever he chooses, no matter what our nation's laws and principles may say. The Republican Party's popular representatives call openly for the mass murder of their political opponents.

"Tut, tut", say the Dems. "Surely we can do better."

Yes, we can. When will we?