August 18th, 2008


Lagrangian name-dropping

“In some respects, the heavier subjects are the ones that are most loaded with opportunity because they have the most—you know, the difference between potential and kinetic energy?—they have the most potential energy, so to delve into that gives you the largest combustion, the most interest. I don’t mean for the audience. I mean for us. Everyone here is working too hard to do stuff we don’t care about.”

Jon Stewart (via vvalkyri)

In a related development, Stephen Colbert reports that faster-moving news is heavier but shorter.


(no subject)

So I sit down to work today, and my mail is full of mail from questionable tech recruiters, including a STUPID! SPAMMY! "newsletter". This weekend I got receipts indicating that my Greater Boston ACM membership (applied for 3? weeks ago) and my SAGE membership (acquired at the USENIX conference at the end of June) both got processed.

Was is the Greater Boston ACM or the USENIX Association/SAGE who just sold my contact info to a bunch of questionable tech recruiters?

Greater Boston ACM

Is it time to go back to opaque one-off addresses?

Why did you stop?

(Note: the reason I stopped is because it's really tiresome to have to be all "my email address is" and 50% of the time have to explain "no, I'm not an idiot, I know what email addresses are and the difference between my email address and your email address, I just run my own domain and I hate spammers and want to track them down and gut them and this will help me track down your company and gut it in the event that you are spammers, HTH HAND".)

(Well, that's why I stopped with transparent one-off addresses. I stopped with opaque one-off addresses because they were annoying to have to make up on the spot and keep track of.)

(Also, I claim that "was is" is Somerville slang meaning "was it".)
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