May 29th, 2008


DIY week (petit-bourgeois edition)

Just: got my first paycheck at my new job; paid my credit card balance down to zero; and got my first 401(k) deposit ever (scaled to max out my account for 2008). (How: new job is only a 15% raise, but got through this month without any major expenditures. FTW!) For June: starting the family-debt/college/down-payment-on-a-house fund and making more thoughtful investment decisions. I credit for motivating me to get my shit together; little pie charts and automatic summaries are so much more soothing than dealing with humans and phone trees and stacks of paper.

Disassembled KitchenAid stand mixer (KV25G0X ER) to figure it why it had (months ago) started making horrible noises and stopped turning. Answer: shitty plastic gear housing (8211779) broke. Ordered replacement metal gear housing (8212396) and can of grease online.

While replacing shitty plastic gear housing, before repacking grease, discovered additional answer: worm gear (9709231) had two teeth stripped. Verified that new housing makes it turn, but stripped gear + need for repacking = still bad noise. Buying replacement worm gear this weekend probably.

maru_mari got me a bike repair stand for my birthday. In response, I dug the recumbent out of the basement where it lived for the winter and discovered a really horrible level of corrosion. The chain is trash; the spokes and sprockets are kind of crusty; and the frame has rust in what were previously just scratches. When I put it away, it needed all the cable housings repaired and a front derailleur bolt replaced, and the basement didn't fix that either.

All in all, I can't recommend putting bikes in basements at floor level. (I knew that already; I plead depressive apathy. I had a very bad job and a very cluttered house at the time I put it away.) But it shouldn't be too expensive to fix at this stage.

Meanwhile, fixie went flat while parked for the umpteenth time. I have been removing the tire and checking for debris and burrs and naked pokey spokes, but haven't seen anything that explains it. Am at the point of buying new tires, wider (28+ mm) and puncture-resistant, on the theory that I'm just a massive brute and Camberville's roads are Satan.

The grocery store 2 blocks from my house reopened as a Whole Paycheck. Their produce section is awe-inspiring, almost as much in quality as in price. Would much prefer Trader Joe's, but wasn't asked. At least there is a TJ's reasonably close to work.