May 17th, 2008


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Via siderea: study randomly assigns people to a high-power and a low-power group; low-power group does poorly on planning tasks.

A couple months ago Paul Graham said "you weren't meant to have a boss". To the extent that this study is accurate, it does seem to support the idea that everything that can be done by small flat startup companies should be (and everything that can't should be done by robots designed and programmed by small flat startup companies).

Meanwhile, we're running out of food because fuckwits think living tens of miles away from their unsatisfying jobs in order to avoid being around city people is worth burning food.

How about this: kill almost all humans. People who are smart enough to design and operate killer robots (in small flat startup companies) may live (but they kill everyone else), and then they will hammer their killer robots into agricultural robots and live happily ever after.