April 13th, 2008


Safe Homes Initiative

What is the name of the national group that is advocating "voluntary" searches of every urban home for guns and drugs?

I saw the proposal in our local news in Boston, and then I heard from miss_manners that it was happening in DC, and then from merle_ that it is happening in East Palo Alto, CA. That makes me think it's happening in many cities across America all at once, but the fact that it is being done nationally is being kept quiet. The term "Safe Homes Initiative" is used to describe it, but the only prominent Google hits for that name are referring to individual city projects.

In every city, it's being presented as a novel idea in response to that city's particular recent rash of murders, not a nationwide initiative being advocated by a single group. It really bothers me that the large organization that must necessarily be pushing this is behind the scenes rather than in the open and accountable, and that a false rationale is being put forth to justify it.

(I do also advocate resisting "voluntary" searches on general principle. Police acting in their official capacity are not your friends: they are agents of the state. Many of them are good people and they can be very helpful at times, but when they are in your house looking for contraband, they are not there to help you.)