February 26th, 2008


Dear MBTA Trip Planner

When I put my starting point as "Franklin & Federal", it's probably a safe bet to interpret that as being in Boston, even though you know of three other intersections of Franklin & Federal Streets in the United States. I would have hoped someone would have told you by now that the MBTA does not go to Brunswick, ME, Bucksport, ME, or Toronto, OH; but I guess you were out of the loop.



Turkey plans to reboot Islam

On the one hand, I'm thinking "It's about time Islam caught up with the modern world and started marginalizing its psychos. It's not news that pre-Gutenberg religions are full of random bullshit inserted by long-dead tribes.1"

On the other hand, I'm thinking "There sure are a lot of psychos. Those guys are toast."

Hands can't think, dude. They're just hands.

1If I were in Asshole Atheist Mode, I would say the original was random bullshit inserted by long-dead tribes too. But instead I'll say the original made enough sense that nobody felt the need to throw it out.