February 14th, 2008


Questions, Questions; or, Haskell Am Fail?

Does Haskell have a regexp library that works at least as well as, say, sed?

Anybody have ghc working on Leopard? The version in MacPorts doesn't compile.

Who commits stuff that doesn't compile? What decade is it in Haskell-land?

The mailing list suggests that it will have been fixed Real Soon Now two months ago (i.e., nobody cares about making it work, run away, run away). I guess I needs a hugs.

(Background: I'm trying to become a better person. Apparently new programming languages are the way to do that.)

Tool I want (and apparently just wrote)

def site_pw(site, username, passphrase, n = 0)
  aes(passphrase, sha1([$long_random_salt, site, username, n].join)).base64[0,16]

Death to memorable passwords! Down with password databases! Generate as needed! Two-factor authentication kinda! And all in just one long line!

Please tell me how this is dumb now.