October 27th, 2007


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Check all that apply

I find prescription drugs too expensive, too hard to ask a doctor for, and too consistent in their quality.
Of course I'll hold your money for you. Don't worry about the transfer fee, I'll take care of it.
I need expensive software, but can't afford it. If only there were a way I could get an illegal copy, but still pay for it!
My bank needs my account number and password? I'd better take care of that right away!
I am entirely happy with the dimensions and performance of my sexual organs.
In other news, I just received the following at my Livejournal email address.


My name is George Handoko and I am an Accounts Executive with my company. I noticed that you are currently working in your company's HR department and wanted to inquire if we could assist with any of your current IT openings? We have a very strong recruiting team and would love to provide you with highly qualified candidates for your IT/IS/Technology/Engineering openings.

We have candidates and consultants available in all sectors with virtually every type of technical skill-set.

Please let me know at your earliest so that we can start working together and fill you open positions. Thanks!!!

George Handoko Accounts Executive

I think that's pretty good.


Apple = FAIL

Here is a little story about how, when you are selling something people can easily get for free but people are buying it anyway, you shouldn't give evidence of bad faith.

en_ki: "Hmm, I'd like to own TMBG's The Else, since I know I like a couple of songs on it. And I have this Mac here, with iTunes on it, where I can just buy it and TMBG will get paid and all will be well."

*wait wait wait*

Enkidu: "This computer is not authorized to play this song. Please enter password to authorize." [fail]

*type type type*

Enkidu: "You have authorized this computer to play this song, so now you can play it. 2 computers are authorized out of 5 allowed." [FAIL FAIL FAIL]

en_ki: "Fuck you. Hymn for these songs, LimeWire for all others evermore."