October 1st, 2007


Do you have stairs in your house? (A Hail Of Bullets)

* I spent today home from work because I was attacked by Space Robots. It was kind of rough but ultimately superficial ("kind of like your sex life!"). Strained muscles in my neck and back are the worst of it. We shall see if tomorrow I am able to ride my

* new wheel! I bought some spokes and some tools and rebuilt the rear wheel of my bike. It is dished too far right at the moment to engage with the brake, so there is more truing to do, which I am going to attempt shortly after posting.

* Two rats died of respiratory infections, then a snake got sick too, and then the humans started getting sick too. Initially I was sure we all had Hantavirus, because duh, but then I checked my kidneys and they're totally OK and everything, so I think it was just some sort of biological weapon. Nobody wins in class warfare.