September 6th, 2007


It's that time of year again.

Once again, living a whole 6 miles from downtown Boston apparently makes it impossible to get something as completely fucking basic and essential to human dignity as 1.5 Mbps Speakeasy DSL with a static IP.

After whole days of hassle, I have gotten AceDSL to resell me some Verizon DSL at half that speed. (Blah blah line length cakes. Sorry, but not every fucking line in the city can be 3 miles from the central office. Well, technically it can, but it would take some seriously fucked-up routing.)

I have asked them for some sort of discount or extra to compensate for the suck; we shall see. $25/mo unadvertised "your line sucks" discount FTW. I will try this "768/128" thing and see if it makes me vomit. In the meantime, these are my choices:

Which server-friendly internet option sucks least?

Covad T1: 16 IPs, 1.5/1.5 @ $400/mo
Comcast Business: 1 IP, 6/.768 @ $95/mo + $250
AceDSL: 1 IP, .768/.768 @ $60/mo
I have a cunning plan (and will post it in a comment).

(Note: I write server software for fun, but experience has proven that I only do it when I remember to: i.e., when it is running on a machine I physically look at every day. It's important to me to get a server-friendly ISP in place rather than stay stuck with Linode.)