Tuco Benedicto Pacífico Juan María Ramírez (en_ki) wrote,
Tuco Benedicto Pacífico Juan María Ramírez

Coakley = toast

I voted for the Crook over the Shitbag because I remembered that I am a single-issue voter on the issue of torture, and the Shitbag has openly endorsed torture. There is almost an hour left, so I do encourage those of you remaining to get out there and support the Crook.

I feel vindicated in this decision by the fact that the Crook is already turning her pathetic excuse for a political career into the most hilarious train wreck since... [Wikipedia time] wow, actual train wrecks involve a terrific amount of human misery and are never funny. SO: the most hilarious train wreck ever.

I was previously operating under the assumption that there would be some difficulty in generating a primary challenge against her if she did, in fact, win, but given her dramatastic little falling-out with, like, her entire party up to and including the President of the United States, uh, she's toast. Nasty dry white-bread toast with phenylthiocarbamide on top and a side of ass.

May Scott Brown... I don't know, become a human being with a soul or something. Or spend 3 years in a coma, but win the lottery afterward to compensate him. Man, I can't even wish AIDS cancer on anybody anymore. Fucking milk of human kindness.
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